Kyle Haapala


Hi! I’m Kyle Haapala, but you can call me Haaps. I’m a product designer living in Sudbury ON, Canada.

As a designer, what I love most is to be part of a team that builds products with care, curiosity, and a desire to learn. Most recently I was able to work on Walkadoo with the talented crew at MeYou Health in Boston, where we created successful health intervention products. The opportunity to work on something that has a measurable and positive impact on people’s lives was a rewarding and invaluable experience.

Working in Boston also gave me the opportunity to co-create and design Parsecs for iOS. As someone who isn't a gamer, it was a welcome challenge—and not to mention a perfect opportunity to let my nerdy side come out and design something space-themed.

Now I'm back in Sudbury, a town dominated by the mining industry. I'm working on MX Deposit, a niche drill hole and sample management product for the mining and exploration industry, as well as Parsecs which continues to attract new players.


“Kyle is a unique talent. Not only does he have the pixel skills to pay the bills, he has experience working in agile software environments and communicating both visual and highly technical product concepts.” 
- Trapper Markelz, GM at MeYou Health

“Unicorn designers do exist, Kyle is one of them. I had the pleasure of working with Kyle for several years on numerous projects at MeYou Health. His ability to process business and user goals into strong product decisions makes him a huge asset to any organization. Combine that with his beautiful visual execution and overall good guy makes him such a unique find. ”
- Sean Landry, Creative Director at Trip Advisor

“Kyle is one of the best mobile UX/UI designers I've ever met. He has a singular talent for getting in users' shoes, creating simple, beautiful UIs, and crafting useful motion graphics/animations. Perhaps most importantly, however, he is a master of that mysterious art which is "delighting" users. As a mobile app developer involved in the start-up community, I know that missing the 'delight' factor can kill an otherwise good app. When I work with Kyle, that's simply not something I have to worry about. 

Not only are his mobile designs of the highest caliber, they are also *doable* for developers. Kyle has learned what is hard to build, and what takes two seconds. That makes him an absolute godsend. 

Finally, I will say that Kyle is a pleasure to work with. He reliably whips up fantastic work in a short period of time, and seamlessly incorporates criticism, all the while maintaining his signature wry sense of humor. If you have a mobile project that you need help with, ask Kyle. That's what I do.”
- Elliot Schrock, Head of iOS Development at Trill