MX Deposit

MX Deposit by Minalytix

MX Deposit is a niche drill hole and sample management product being developed for the mining and exploration industry. With a focus on design and usability, it offers a highly customizable, easy-to-use solution that requires little to no training.

MX Deposit is primarily a web-based product with a companion Android tablet app for offline data collection.


As the sole designer for MX Deposit since its inception, my job has been to define the brand and design all aspects of the interface. I work closely with the PM and president to gather requirements and translate those into usable, beautiful designs.

MX Deposit is in development and due to launch later this year. 


Data entry

Although there are many use cases for MX Deposit, a primary one is data entry. Users need to be able to efficiently log drill hole and sample data while ensuring that their data is valid. We created a familiar and highly usable interface, as well as a commenting feature that allows them to tag comments to specific pieces of data. This creates comments that are contextual and easily accessible by all team members.  

Data Entry_2xData Entry_2x


Every company that uses MX Deposit collects different data and has its own methods and requirements for doing so. This means almost every part of the product must be configurable. We created a system that—among other methods—allows users to drag and drop various objects to create systems for collecting data.

Data type_2xData type_2x

Android app

MX Deposit users are often are in remote locations that have little to no wireless service,  and carrying around a laptop isn't a good option. The MX Deposit Android app will provide offline data collection as well as some other features that are in development.


More screens and info to come as the project progresses.